Seal Coating

Worried About Damaging Your Asphalt?

Worried About Damaging Your Asphalt?

Ask about our commercial seal coating services in the Everett & Redmond, WA areas

Nice asphalt surfaces take time and money to install, so you should make sure you get long-lasting results. SSC Parking Lot Specialist Corp can reinforce your asphalt with a seal coating technique. We'll apply a thin liquid protective layer over your asphalt to shield it from the elements.

Want to maintain a professional look outside your business? Rely on us to complete commercial seal coating. A parking lot or sidewalk free from cracks will make a much better first impression. Contact us today to get a free commercial seal coating estimate in the Everett or Redmond, WA area.

Benefits of seal coating

Seal coating is a smart investment. It will improve your property by:

  • Making old asphalt shine
  • Preventing asphalt cracking
  • Prolonging the life of your asphalt
We'll expertly apply the sealant, so you're sure to reap all the benefits for years to come. Call us now at 425-314-1576 to let us upgrade your asphalt.